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Welcome to Curry Elvis. My brother and I learned cooking pretty much at our mother's side, from an early age. My love for food and cuisine means I've hosted loads of parties for friends in my "salad" days in Toronto, Canada. I've also worked pretty much every "back of room" job in a dozen kitchens - short of being in charge.

So this site is a combination of my meanderings about food, drink and cooking, tidbits of news, reviews of restaurants and kitchen gadgets, and of course recipes and cooking tricks.

This new version is a work in progress, so I hope you'll forgive the constant changes. The latest four posts are below, and recent posts are listed at right. Featured site information is displayed at the bottom of this page.

Hearty Potato Soup Is Good Food – Recipe

November 4th, 2007

“Soup Is Good Food.” Campbell’s Soup made the slogan famous, but the fact is that soup really is good for you, and this time of year, as we witness the colors of the leaves change to vibrant hues, feel the crisp cool weather on our backs and anticipate the first snowfall, homemade soup is a welcome treat that’s easy to make and warms the autumn chill from our bones.

Potato soup has been a favorite in my house for years, but I’ve found the key to making both a great tasting and hearty potato soup is in knowing two simple secrets:

  1. Use fresh veggies (never canned)
  2. Never rush the recipe

Potato soup requires no tricks of the trade, no fancy equipment and can be made well ahead time, so you can prepare it early in the day and enjoy it with guests (or all by yourself!) later in the evening.
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23 Foods For All Night Gaming Offers Neat Glimpse Into Culture

November 2nd, 2007

I was doing a little down time web surfing and stumbled upon this run down of all-night gaming foods. It caught my attention because I do the all-night game thing on occasion, and have for years. And, every time I do, food is a part of the whole experience.

My first late-nighters were Scrabble and Rummy, with my mother. We’d eat popcorn or ice cream and drink Dr. Pepper and play late into hot summer nights. My first all-nighters were with my best friend, and we played Backgammon and Rummy, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.
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Make Your Own Ghee – Clarified Butter – Recipe

October 10th, 2007

There’s nothing quite like the flavor and aroma of ghee, a common ingredient in many Indian dishes. However, it is often quite expensive when bought prepared. Getting that authenic flavor by making your own is both affordable and easy.
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From India: Simple Curried Lentils and Rice – Recipe

October 9th, 2007

This is an easy main dish, one that can be prepared in a fully equipped kitchen or in a hotel room or college dorm with one of those hotplates that looks like a single burner from an electric stove. It serves 4 to 6 people and takes about an hour and a half to prepare in a regular kitchen. It will take a bit longer if you’re working with a single burner, as you have to alternate your pots and skillet.
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